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Urgent Request - Retrieval of Deleted Motes

Dear Mote Team, I am writing to request your assistance in retrieving a significant number of deleted motes.On or around December 19, 2022, I created approximately 400 motes for educational purposes. While I was inactive for a period, my students continued to utilize the recordings.Unfortunately, upon returning to the platform, I discovered that all of my motes had been deleted without notification. While I can still see them listed on the activity page, I am unable to access or utilize them.I understand that data retention policies may exist, but I would be incredibly grateful if there is any possibility of recovering these motes. The creation of this content required a substantial investment of time and effort, and their loss would be a significant setback.I would be happy to provide any additional information that may be helpful in facilitating the retrieval process.Thank you for your time and consideration.

jessica pearson 4 days ago